That Time I Met Russell Westbrook

Since the play-offs are currently going on, I thought it would be an appropriate  time to share this photo:

My husband and I were at the airport, about to make our connecting flight home from our honeymoon.  We were a tad stressed because we had just come through customs and discovered my husband's bag had been rifled through somewhere between Belize and Dallas.  We also found random baby socks in our luggage as well.  So, my apologies to the baby that is now sockless thanks to some sloppy rummaging work.  Anyhow, we were headed for a little mexican restaurant in the middle of the airport and I literally came face to face with Russell Westbrook who was walking out.  I stopped, my mouth gaped open.  I had one of those stardom reactions, completely involuntarily.  He moved along and around me since I failed to move out of his way, and we sat down at the bar.  Everyone was talking about how he had be so nice and was just snapping pictures, so then I proceeded to tug on my husband's arm relentlessly to hurry up so we could find him and get a picture!  By the time we finished I assumed he was long gone, only to find that he was at our gate, and on our flight back to Oklahoma.  He was coming home from the Olympics at the time so I don't totally understand why he wasn't on some sort of fancy private jet or something, but I proceeded to pull my camera from my bag and told my husband I had to get a picture.  How often do I run into famous people?  No-one was really asking for pictures at the gate but I was going to be bold!  Sorry, you're famous,and I needed photographic evidence of this encounter.  So after awkwardly peeking around people to find my moment I asked him for a picture.  He nodded, stood for the photo, nodded at my husband, and then moved on his way, at which time I started a chain reaction and multiple people started asking him for a photo. Oops.  

So that's it.   The story of my encounter with Russell Westbrook, in all it's glory.  Now, I also did see Blake Griffin once on the street in downtown Dallas, but I failed to get a picture.  So maybe that's my thing.  I run into famous NBA stars.  No big deal.


  1. that is awesome! i would probably stand there gawking because i've never met anyone famous before. haha!



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