How I Handle Awkward Encounters

I know I haven't blogged for over a week, and I really don't know what to tell ya.  I'm just going to kind of ignore it. You know, like when you don't talk to a high school friend in a long time and then awkwardly run into them in the mall.  You can either casually act like you haven't missed a beat and have been too busy to text or facebook or whatever, or, you can do what I do and ignore the situation, and turn and walk in the opposite direction.  Of course, I wouldn't turn my back on you!  I'm much better with there's a vast Internet barrier between us.  But let's just pretend it hasn't been over a week since we last connected via blogging. K?  Great.

Lately I've been really drawn to plain, simple pieces and then dressing them up with fun accessories, such as these hot pink earrings.  Casual, comfortable, stylishly effortless if I may say so myself.

I have been working on planning my son's first birthday party, which, let's face it, is lots of fun.  It brings out the inner pre-k teacher in me.  I enjoy it, and I know he won't remember it, but he will be able to look back at photos and know he had an awesome first birthday.   Unfortunately we don't really have any friends with kids, besides a couple of family members, so it's going to be full of lots of adults ooing and aahing.    Which reminds me, my husband and I are in search of friends with kids.  Please, be our friend. Someone should really start a match.com-like website for this.  

Finally, someone has been missing her time in the spotlight.  So I let her have a moment.

P.S.  Tiny top knots are my new favorite.


  1. You're too funny!
    Planning birthday parties for our children is so much fun. We are celebrating that they are in our lives :)
    We need friends with kids too. Wahhhhh! Totally on board for the Match.com for this situation.

  2. Taking blog breaks is totally ok, in my opinion. Sometimes I am just completely uninspired to write anything so I figure it's probably best not to blog. But, it IS nice to have you back!

    Anyway, I love this outfit. Simplicity at it's best! And you totally pull off that half-top-knot thing perfectly!

  3. seriously love this simple but awesome outfit. and agree, blogging breaks are needed sometimes - and should be completely ignored lol.

  4. soooooo i want this outfit. I totally agree with you about taking simple pieces and dressing them up with more statement accessories!

    Kristin xx



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