Best Of: Wedding Gowns

Since this is the busy season for weddings, and I have been seeing so many things popping up, I thought I would share a few of my favorite wedding gowns.  First, let me say my wedding dress experience was probably way more complicated than it needed to be.  I wanted a blush, fitted gown.  But when I went into the first bridal store I was completely overwhelmed and ended up picking this big ball gown.  I definitely felt like a bride in it and it had pockets, which kind of sold me. I immediately changed my mind, however, that night, but they wouldn't let me return or exchange the order.  Fail.  So after stressing about it a couple of months I decided when the gown came in I would re-sell it and I would rather spend a little more and get a dress I really wanted.  I was crunched for time but ended up getting a white fitted tulle gown.  It was definitely much better than my first dress, much more me, but because of my indecisive nature and love of all things beautiful I can't help but eye other dresses and think, oh that one, that could have been the one!  

My most, absolute current favorite has to be this beauty from BHLDN.  Swoon.  It took my breath away.  The way it fades to pink is just beyond gorgeous.  Yup, this could have been the one too.  It's the perfect mix of traditional white and the modern blush color.  If only my husband and I could have a wedding every year.  Would it be inappropriate to wear this out to dinner?

Emma Gown

This other one from BHLDN is also beautiful.  The back detailing is so unique.  Imagine what a statement it would make going down the aisle.

I have a slight obsession with Watters gowns.  The delicate sleeves and embroidery on this lace and tulle gown are so sweet.

Here is another style I fawned over.  I think this is a replica of a more expensive gown whose designer escapes me, but you can wear the full skirt down the aisle and then take it off to reveal a fun cocktail type dress for the reception.  If any of you are as indecisive as me between the full gown look or something fitted, this could be the one.

I know not everyone is for them but I like the look of asymmetrical hems.  I think this could be really fun for an early afternoon wedding, maybe outside or set under open beams of a farmhouse or something.  

Finally, I love headpieces, even if it's not your wedding day. I almost bought this one but talked myself out of it, afraid it would be too distracting. I still love it though.

My best advice if you are in the market for a wedding dress is to spend a little more if it's what you really want.  You can cut something else out of the budget if needed.  A dress you love doesn't have to be expensive though, there are lots of options with Etsy or preownedweddingdresses.com (where I sold my first dress). Really there's dresses for every budget today.  Your dress will live on forever in your photos and your memories, and you want to look back  20+ years from now and still love it and feel like it represented who you were at that time.  


  1. A) Thank you for your comment on my blog. I read it twice and then read it again. It really meant so much to me that you took so much time to write out your honesty. I feel like in some ways that the lack of knowing to what to do is also what motivates us to work and become a better person. B) I want to go wedding dress shopping now!

  2. This dress is gorgeous- love the ombre effect combined with the texture is so lovely!


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