Momma Monday: Mom Rant

So normally I like this to be a place of smiley faces, rainbows and gumdrops.  Seriously.  I don't like reading too much negativity on blogs, only because I see too much of it on a daily basis....in the news, in the workplace.  Let's all be happy people!

But today I have to vent a little.   Hopefully it will not be in vain though, I want to create an understanding.

This past week my husband and I ventured out of the house to a monthly local event that is full of live music, food trucks, and street vendors.  The event is marketed as family friendly and dog friendly, and it was our first time going. I was really excited about it, because we had plans, something to look forward to in an otherwise monotonous week of dirty diapers, work, no sleep and the same old routine.  

The place was packed, like you could barely move to get from one point to another.  We had our son in the stroller, and there were lots of other families with strollers, so my husband set up shop against a wall with the baby while I ventured out to stand in line for 20 minutes for food.  While standing in line I was catching bits and pieces of the couple talking behind me, and they caught my attention as they started talking about the people who had brought strollers.  They went on to say how it was rude, because people had to move out of their way, and that those families should just get a babysitter for the night.

I chuckled to myself.  If only it was that simple, if only they understood.  If only they understood that when you have a new baby, you rarely get out of the house.  You rarely feel normal and interact with other people, and any trip, even a trip to the grocery store, is refreshing.  The fact that we had an opportunity to go to something that is family friendly and also fun is rare, because you can't exactly take your baby out dancing.  Granted I didn't know how crowded it was going to be, and it was hard to push a stroller through the crowd let alone get myself through the crowd, but our stroller isn't any wider than two people walking side by side.  If only they understood babysitters can be hard to come by, and you may have grandparents nearby but they may not be available, or maybe you actually want to be brave and try something together, as a family.  And if you don't have grandparents nearby babysitters cost money.  It's rare you can find a family friendly event that is fun and outside where your baby can yell and cry all they want and no-one will care because you can barely hear the person next to you talking anyway. (note, my baby was a perfect angel, he didn't cry once #notsohumblebrag)    We just want to have some fun.  We don't want to get in anyone's way, or be pushy, or overtake your hangout.  We may be parents now, but we want to enjoy our Friday night just like you.

One day they'll probably understand.  There may come a day when he may get down on one knee and propose to her, and they'll get married, and have a baby, and one day they will want to get out of the house too, to have fun like they used to.  One day they may feel brave, and they'll put their stroller in their car and venture out.  Probably they'll be standing in line somewhere, and they'll hear the young couple behind them, talking about all the babies, and how people should just get a babysitter.  And maybe they'll chuckle to themselves too.

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  1. I really try to be as nice as possible to parents because I don't want to look like an inconsiderate 20 something. It's hard and I give parents props because I have taken out my nieces and nephews and they just will scream and you turn 50 shades of red and people judge you.



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