Snow Leopard

First off, sorry to all the people who were google searching snow leopard and accidentally made it to this post instead.  But, you should really stick around.  While you won't find pictures of a large cat native to the mountain ranges of central Asia, you will find me taking pictures of myself in the snow in a Zara leopard coat.  I think that's worth checking out.

We had a random snow fall a few days ago, which was pretty fun considering I count on at least one good snowfall a winter and we really didn't have one last year.  Plus I haven't been snowboarding in about 2 years so I was able to slide on some ice in my driveway and pretend I was in Colorado. 

Coat, Zara, similar here & here / Leggings, Target, similar / Boots , DSW

I discovered that snow is really great for photos. I suppose that's because the sun reflects off of the snow.  Duh Jessica.  Also, I have misplaced my gloves which is why my hands are shoved in my pockets in every photo!  I'm thinking these pink ones would have looked fabulous though.

Faux Fur For Under $100


  1. Haha this is a much better Snow Leopard than the other thing :) I love the coat so much and I love that you got such great pictures in the snow!



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