Momma Monday: Christmas Wishlist

Today B and I are sharing a few things we're hoping Santa will bring.  He is super excited about his first Christmas, as am I.  We sat down and worked on this blog post together. And by together, I mean he randomly hit the keyboard and drooled on my hand while we worked.

Baby/Mom Christmas Wishlist

My son's PJ situation is driving me nuts!  What he has is either too tight or polyester, and because he's suddenly developed a bit of eczema, which I attribute partly to the cold weather, the polyester only agitates his skin.  Every night is like a scavenger hunt for something comfortable enough to sleep in.

I have to say I am just about over onesies.  It's so much easier to just throw a regular shirt on.  I admit, I went ahead and bought a few because Old Navy has some amazing deals right now.

I have not done my research on a good jogging stroller but I know I want one.  When Spring rolls around I really want to be able to take B with me to go for little runs.

Chewbeads are such a genius idea!  Why didn't I think of them?  Baby B has discovered that jewelry is fun to play with, and these are totally safe for him to chew on and a fun accessory for me to wear!

Since B pretty much can sit up on his own and he's getting heavier, taking the carseat into the grocery store is becoming more of a pain, literally, just ask my back. Because I don't even want to think of all the germs on the grocery cart, this high chair and shopping cart cover can hopefully act as a semi-barrier and allow him to sit up.

The first time I saw a wubbanub I could not figure out the point.  When I realized the purpose of the animal is to 1) make the paci easier to find  and 2) keep it from falling on the ground as easily, such as through crib slats, I knew I had to have one!  We usually have 4 pacis on hand at night and somehow my son loses all of them by morning. 

Because of B's sensitive skin I'm trying to be conscious of what I put on or near his body.  This crib sheet is made of organic cotton which I feel couldn't hurt anything to use. Plus the stars match his space themed room I am working on.

I am smitten over this brand of toys I found at Target.  B has really enjoyed starting to make loud sounds so I think a drum set would be fun.  Plus we played with the shakers at Target and he thought it was hilarious.

I kind of wish I already had one of these papoose's when the cold weather started.  It would have been much easier to use than trying to wrestle a jacket on and then trying to buckle B into the carseat through all the bulk.  This one can be used in a stroller as well!

And now, a few thoughts from B:

n mkn4te

And that's the final word on that.


  1. Aw, it must be so exciting for him to have his first Christmas! Those pj's are so cute!!

  2. The jogging stroller is nice! I don't even had a kid and I kind of want one, haha.



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