Currently Crushing: Metallics

Metallics have been catching my eye lately!  If this was high-school I would be doodling all over my notebooks, Jessica + Metallics=Love.  But I'm an adult now, so I'll put it on my blog instead!  That's the grown up version of doodling on notebooks, right?

Words cannot express how much I want that metallic leather silver J. Crew tote.  But alas, it is beyond my budget, so here and here are non budget-busting options if any of you are drooling over it as much as me.  The gold satchel actually has a silver alternative for about half the price as well.  

Also, on a completely random note, my husband and I ordered ourselves a Keurig for Christmas the other day. I am waiting on pins and needles for it to arrive as my newly found Starbucks addiction is not good to my wallet.  I am in search of good homemade recipes to recreate my fru-fru coffee if anyone has any, specifically cinnamon dolce lattes and iced caramel macchiatos.   Yum. 

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  1. I have that Butter nail polish and LOVE it!

  2. Ahhh love metallics!! Those gold oxfords are amazing. Congrats on ordering a Keurig!! We use ours all the time :)

  3. The gold oxfords and that mirrored JC tote - want both!

  4. You can buy the syrups directly from starbucks so you can recreate the whole experience at home! Love all your glittery picks today, so much fun. Dropping by from the Random Wednesday Linkup!

    <3 Vicki

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your crush list. Cute.

  6. Oh a Keurig! I heard those are awesome! I haven't yet bought one for our home yet but I'm so much closer on jumping on that purchase!
    Love metallics, too. AND those shoes from J.Crew are so dreamy!



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