Blue Suede Booties

This is the outfit I wore for Thanksgiving, and technically these boots are more turquoise...and actually I think the official description when I bought them was mint, but whatev, mint suede booties just doesn't work as well with my play on Elvis' blue suede shoes. 

I digress.

As I was saying, this is the outfit I wore for Thanksgiving.  I purchased these booties last year and haven't worn them as much as I would like, but they're way fabulous and begging to be paired with a cute skirt come spring.  Plus, they're available in multiple colors (the lilac was a close second choice).

I never officially did a Thanksgiving recap, and now that we're in full swing Christmas mode, it doesn't quite seem appropiate.  Basically we ate a lot of food and visited with a lot of people and discovered our son does surprisingly well around 20 or so strangers in a room. The end.

Shoes, Chinese Laundry / Jeans, Gap / Sweater, H&M, similar here & here / Watch, Fossil, similar / Bracelet, Call It Spring

I have to say I love my Gap curvy jeans.  These are from years ago when I worked for Baby Gap and I remember when they first came out.  If you have a smaller waist and curvier hips, like moi, you will love them too.  Most of my jeans gap (haha) because I have to size up so they'll fit my legs and hips, but the Gap curvy line is designed for my body type, so they fit in both the waist and hips.  Word.

Get The Look:


  1. Wow, I love that sweater! I'll have to find some similar. I love the pop of color with your shoes.

  2. i love those booties! so cute



  3. Ooo... I'm going to have to try out those pants! I have hips for days but a teeny waist. It's the worst.

  4. Isn't it amazing what we buy and never wear? Sometimes it's embarrassing to me! Love the booties on you!

  5. LOVE those boots!! The color is so stunning!

  6. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog, you have a super cute one yourself! Those booties are awesome and I agree, they'll be great to transition into spring with :)

  7. Love this look! Your boots are way too cute!!

    xo, Ashleigh @ Fashion in Flight

  8. Such a fabulous sweater and I love the pop of color with the shoes. You look stunning, love. If you get a moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. :)


  9. Girl, I feel you on the curvy jeans. They make ALL the difference. Those boots and the outfit are cute!



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