An Open Letter To 2013

Dear two thousand and thirteen (the year of our Lord) ,

First, let me take a deep breath.  You have been cray cray.  (Dear Jessica of the future, that is slang for crazy.  Just letting you know in case urban dictionary becomes extinct.)

I kind of can't believe you're almost over.  As I get older each year goes by faster and faster, but this one really was quite a whirlwind.  If you looked at my life there would be a giant neon sign over you flashing BABY over and over again.  That was the theme of this year.  

January-April was pretty much the last trimester of the pregnancy.   It was full of last minute preparation, freaking myself out about labor and soaking up the final few moments of married life as a twosome.  I didn't have time for resolutions this year, and if I did make them I don't remember.  Since May, when B was born, I don't think I've stopped to breathe.    But here's the deal 2013, even though you've gone by so fast, and even though I've been on automatic for pretty much the last 7 months, you are the year that has defined my life from this point on.  You are the year that everything changed.  You are the year that will forever be when my baby was born and I became a mother.  That's pretty special 2013, you get bragging rights for that one. One day when I look back on my life, this year will always stand out.  This year will not be forgotten.

Thank-you for putting up with me.  I have been an emotional wreck.  Happy,sleepy, grumpy....and sneezy a time or two from a couple of colds.  But I am so thankful for what you've given me.  A healthy baby, precious memories of that first year of motherhood, and as a last minute Christmas miracle, B has been sleeping through the night almost constantly for the past 3 weeks (can I get a hallelujah!?!)  

I will look back on you as a year of lessons learned, endurance tested, milestone moments and filled with love.

Now that it's almost 2014, you can take a much needed vacation.  Go prop your feet up and call it good. We've reached the end of our journey together.

See you in my memories.


The Lady Okie Blog


  1. The monkey hat! Ohmygosh. Sounds like 2013 was a good one for you! :) Glad you're getting a bit more rest.

  2. What a beautiful gift of a precious little baby for 2013! I got to meet my two nephews in 2013 and it is just amazing.

  3. What a big year for you! Most definitely a life changer. :) Yay for sleeping through the night! Happy New Year!



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