5 Reasons Blogging Is Like High-School (as told through Mean Girls gifs) (so fetch)

5. Everyone Is Doing It

Whether you're a blogger or a reader, I'm sure we've all stumbled upon a blog only to think 'hey, I wore that like three days ago!' or 'I must have those shoes ASAP' and then begin clicking like your life depended on it.    Let's not even get started on the tragedy that is DIY.  But you make it look so easy on your blog, you just like, glued some sticks together.  Why doesn't mine look like that?  Or your make up.  Or your hair.  Well, you get the idea. I could go on and on, but the point is, everyone is doing it.  

2. Cliques

I didn't get it right away, but after a few months of blogging I realized that all the seemingly 'popular' bloggers are buds.  They advertise for each other, they tag each other on social media and they all make more money than I ever will in blogging.  It's a hard circle to crack into.  Sometimes you even have to pay your way into it.  No one said blogging was cheap if you want to make it big. (that's my sarcastic font) Fortunately, if you don't, there's plenty of quality blogs available for you to fit into.  Beyond being categorized by how many readers you have, there's more genres of blogging than there probably were cliques in high-school.  Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, kids, food, kids and food, crafts, sports, trendy moms, regular moms, cool moms...and probably some really out there ones that I'll just leave to the imagination.  The point is, you can plug in wherever you want, but what's nice about blogging world, is it's not quite as exclusive as high-school.  I can be friends with a food blogger and it's cool.

3.  Comments: The Ultimate Yearbook


Oh, the comments section.  I sit with bated breath to see a comment left.  It's where people can reaffirm you, support you, tell you how you're 2cute2b4gotten.  People can remind you to call them...or rather...don't forget to stop by and read their blog too.  And of course, a nay-saying bully pops their head in from time to time.  Not that I ever would have willingly let a bully write in my yearbook...but that's why they're a bully.  Just like high-school, someone there to tear you down, but even more cowardly, they do so behind a computer screen.  The thing that makes blogging way better than high school? You have a blog you can totally call them out on.  It's like calling them out in front of the whole school.  

4.  Link Ups

Link ups are like those school spirit days , where they tell everyone to wear pajamas to school or something totally random.  And then you realize you wore them on the wrong day, or you decide not to wear them and everyone looks at you like you just betrayed your country or something.  Kind of like when you accidentally link up a post on motherhood to some link up that was supposed to be for people attending a self help forum or something. (hand raised) Or you link up a post on stripes when it was supposed to be polka dot. Or heaven help us you link up and don't link back.  Whatevs.  Just come back here next Wednesday and you better be linking up your pink outfits! (please don't come back here next Wednesday and do that, I don't even know how to do a link up)

5.  You'll Be Happiest If You Stay True To Yourself

The hardest lesson to learn in high-school.  One I didn't really cling onto until my senior year. I stopped caring what everyone else thought.  I stopped trying to fit in to where I thought I needed to be.  I just did my 'thang;.  Same rule applies in blogging.  Do your own thing, and just see what happens.


Future Happenings + A Red Door

So, as I mentioned.

We moved recently.

And this is my new red door.

Shorts, Gap / Top, Express / Shoes, TJ Maxx

Isn't it a beaut? 

Oh, and that chair?  It was out in a pile of wood and garbage to be thrown away.  So we quickly snatched up and it's just waiting to be stained and fitted with a nice comfy cushion.

So, this blog has been somewhat desolate lately.  But not all who wander here should consider themselves lost.  If you have continued to stick around, here are some up and coming things I am planning for the rest of the summer:

-My 14 day hair challenge.  I've been in a rut with my hair, and it's taken a lot of will power not to chop it off.  So I'm going to experiment with different hairstyles, and try one a day for 14 days.  Perhaps a little variety will make all the difference.

-A few new outfit posts.  

-A recap of Felicity.  I know it's not 2002, but I just finished all 4 seasons in approximately 3 weeks and I need to analyze this business.

-Photos of my son's first birthday party.  Where The Wild Things Are shenanigans should have all of you coming back for more, no?

Enjoy your weekend my friends!



I have been debating on whether or not I would ever blog again.  I guess for today, the answer is yes. 

Truthfully, I kind of reached a spot where it felt pointless.  And well, I still feel like that a little.  But when things happen to me in life, I tend to think the way I would write. When I recap a life event to myself, I often create little stories in my head, like how it would sound if I was reading a good fiction book, even though it's not fiction, it's my life.  And sometimes I just have to put head to pen to paper...or rather head to fingers to keyboard, and get it out.  I assume this is what most, at one time English majors, go through.  Storyteller. Word finangler.

What has been going on in the last month or so? A lot. 

We celebrated my son's first birthday. Both a celebration of his life and a celebration that my husband and I made it the first year.  

My son started sleeping through the night just after his first birthday. I'm almost scared to write this, for fear of jinxing the situation.

My baby boy is more boy than baby now.  I would pay good money for him to snuggle onto my chest for a nap. 

His party was Where The Wild Things Are themed.   Perhaps I'll post a few pictures at some point.

We have moved. I am still unpacking.

I haven't taken an outfit photo in a looong time. I'm almost forgetting how to use my camera.  I still haven't learned how to use manual mode, but hey, the year isn't over yet.

Finally, here is one of my most favorite pictures from my baby's first birthday party.  

So, for today, I will be a blogger.  Albeit, somewhat of a pathetic one, but a blogger, nonetheless.


Best Of: ModCloth Vintage Style Dresses

Although I enjoy staying up to speed on current trends, and currently have a crop top and birkenstocks in my closet, deep down my style belongs to another decade.  I'm sure anything between the 40's and 70's would have suited me just fine.  Whether it's a full skirt, a structured bodice fitted perfectly at the waist, or the delicate drape of a sleeve, I love vintage style dresses. There's a plethora to choose from on Etsy, or ModCloth has fresh takes on classic styles that can make it a little more modern.  Here are a few of my current favorites.....and no, this is not a sponsored post, I just really like ModCloth. Sincerely.

ModCloth Retro Dresses


Baby Boys Graphic Tees

There's nothing I love more than dressing my son in super comfy clothes.  Although I love the look of a tiny baby in a bow tie (I mean, what's cuter than a baby dressed as a grown man) I tend to lean more towards practical clothes you can move in.  Graphic tees are a weakness.  Soft-check.  Affordable-check.  Funny pictures and sayings that my son doesn't understand but make me laugh-check.  So until he gets to dress himself it's tiny baby leggings and cotton tees for now.


That Time I Met Russell Westbrook

Since the play-offs are currently going on, I thought it would be an appropriate  time to share this photo:

My husband and I were at the airport, about to make our connecting flight home from our honeymoon.  We were a tad stressed because we had just come through customs and discovered my husband's bag had been rifled through somewhere between Belize and Dallas.  We also found random baby socks in our luggage as well.  So, my apologies to the baby that is now sockless thanks to some sloppy rummaging work.  Anyhow, we were headed for a little mexican restaurant in the middle of the airport and I literally came face to face with Russell Westbrook who was walking out.  I stopped, my mouth gaped open.  I had one of those stardom reactions, completely involuntarily.  He moved along and around me since I failed to move out of his way, and we sat down at the bar.  Everyone was talking about how he had be so nice and was just snapping pictures, so then I proceeded to tug on my husband's arm relentlessly to hurry up so we could find him and get a picture!  By the time we finished I assumed he was long gone, only to find that he was at our gate, and on our flight back to Oklahoma.  He was coming home from the Olympics at the time so I don't totally understand why he wasn't on some sort of fancy private jet or something, but I proceeded to pull my camera from my bag and told my husband I had to get a picture.  How often do I run into famous people?  No-one was really asking for pictures at the gate but I was going to be bold!  Sorry, you're famous,and I needed photographic evidence of this encounter.  So after awkwardly peeking around people to find my moment I asked him for a picture.  He nodded, stood for the photo, nodded at my husband, and then moved on his way, at which time I started a chain reaction and multiple people started asking him for a photo. Oops.  

So that's it.   The story of my encounter with Russell Westbrook, in all it's glory.  Now, I also did see Blake Griffin once on the street in downtown Dallas, but I failed to get a picture.  So maybe that's my thing.  I run into famous NBA stars.  No big deal.


Warm Weather Staples

Nothing is making me happier right now than the fact that I can throw on a pair of shorts and sandals and call it good. Warmer weather is calling my name, and while I love cozy sweaters and leggings, I really dislike being cold 99% of the time.  Here are a few of my favorite items that I tend to wear over and over in the Spring and Summer.

Dressier sandals are essential for a night out or pretty much any event where I wouldn't wear my cheapy rubber flippies. 

I don't think rubber flip flops should be worn everywhere, but for a quick errand or to the pool these are so easy to throw on and not worry about getting them dirty.

Most of the time I'm going open toed in the summer but slip-ons are definitely needed for certain occassion.  My Toms tend to be my go-to because they're easy to slip on and off and the different prints can kick up your outfit a notch.

A maxi dress can go anywhere and is super comfy.  I have way too many in my closet as it is, but they're just super versatile.

Casual tanks can go with just about anything.  All you need are a few of your favorite colors and then you can change up the outfit with your shoes, accessories, even doing a skirt instead of shorts.

Denim shorts are an easy staple.  They go with everything and you can get a more fitted pair or I've seen several pairs of boyfriend shorts at Gap that look really comfy.

Not only are running shorts super comfy but you can wear them all day and be ready for an evening work out.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  They are a go-to for me for comfort alone, plus they dry faster if you're wearing them out somewhere like a pool.

We've had a trusty over the shoulder diaper bag we've been using for almost a year, but now that our activities and outings are going to change this summer I think a backpack will be a new go to.  It's easy to wear for a longer walk or bike ride, while still being able to have my hands free to hold or help my son. 

Having long hair is basically like wearing a shawl over your shoulders in the summer, and well, no-one wants to do that.  More often than not I'll be wearing my hair up and I just love Ban.Do's hair accessories.  They make the everyday a little more exciting; as far as hair is concerned anyway.

I love my aviators, they go with everything!  While I love all the different trends of sunglasses my aviators never go out of style.

So there you have it, my warm weather essentials. They get me by pretty much every year!


How I Handle Awkward Encounters

I know I haven't blogged for over a week, and I really don't know what to tell ya.  I'm just going to kind of ignore it. You know, like when you don't talk to a high school friend in a long time and then awkwardly run into them in the mall.  You can either casually act like you haven't missed a beat and have been too busy to text or facebook or whatever, or, you can do what I do and ignore the situation, and turn and walk in the opposite direction.  Of course, I wouldn't turn my back on you!  I'm much better with there's a vast Internet barrier between us.  But let's just pretend it hasn't been over a week since we last connected via blogging. K?  Great.

Lately I've been really drawn to plain, simple pieces and then dressing them up with fun accessories, such as these hot pink earrings.  Casual, comfortable, stylishly effortless if I may say so myself.

I have been working on planning my son's first birthday party, which, let's face it, is lots of fun.  It brings out the inner pre-k teacher in me.  I enjoy it, and I know he won't remember it, but he will be able to look back at photos and know he had an awesome first birthday.   Unfortunately we don't really have any friends with kids, besides a couple of family members, so it's going to be full of lots of adults ooing and aahing.    Which reminds me, my husband and I are in search of friends with kids.  Please, be our friend. Someone should really start a match.com-like website for this.  

Finally, someone has been missing her time in the spotlight.  So I let her have a moment.

P.S.  Tiny top knots are my new favorite.


Best Of: Wedding Gowns

Since this is the busy season for weddings, and I have been seeing so many things popping up, I thought I would share a few of my favorite wedding gowns.  First, let me say my wedding dress experience was probably way more complicated than it needed to be.  I wanted a blush, fitted gown.  But when I went into the first bridal store I was completely overwhelmed and ended up picking this big ball gown.  I definitely felt like a bride in it and it had pockets, which kind of sold me. I immediately changed my mind, however, that night, but they wouldn't let me return or exchange the order.  Fail.  So after stressing about it a couple of months I decided when the gown came in I would re-sell it and I would rather spend a little more and get a dress I really wanted.  I was crunched for time but ended up getting a white fitted tulle gown.  It was definitely much better than my first dress, much more me, but because of my indecisive nature and love of all things beautiful I can't help but eye other dresses and think, oh that one, that could have been the one!  

My most, absolute current favorite has to be this beauty from BHLDN.  Swoon.  It took my breath away.  The way it fades to pink is just beyond gorgeous.  Yup, this could have been the one too.  It's the perfect mix of traditional white and the modern blush color.  If only my husband and I could have a wedding every year.  Would it be inappropriate to wear this out to dinner?

Emma Gown

This other one from BHLDN is also beautiful.  The back detailing is so unique.  Imagine what a statement it would make going down the aisle.

I have a slight obsession with Watters gowns.  The delicate sleeves and embroidery on this lace and tulle gown are so sweet.

Here is another style I fawned over.  I think this is a replica of a more expensive gown whose designer escapes me, but you can wear the full skirt down the aisle and then take it off to reveal a fun cocktail type dress for the reception.  If any of you are as indecisive as me between the full gown look or something fitted, this could be the one.

I know not everyone is for them but I like the look of asymmetrical hems.  I think this could be really fun for an early afternoon wedding, maybe outside or set under open beams of a farmhouse or something.  

Finally, I love headpieces, even if it's not your wedding day. I almost bought this one but talked myself out of it, afraid it would be too distracting. I still love it though.

My best advice if you are in the market for a wedding dress is to spend a little more if it's what you really want.  You can cut something else out of the budget if needed.  A dress you love doesn't have to be expensive though, there are lots of options with Etsy or preownedweddingdresses.com (where I sold my first dress). Really there's dresses for every budget today.  Your dress will live on forever in your photos and your memories, and you want to look back  20+ years from now and still love it and feel like it represented who you were at that time.  


An Update On My New Year Resolutions (plus an outfit for funsies)

In January, well, technically the last day of December, I shared my New Year Resolutions.  I am not normally one for resolutions but they were all things I genuinely wanted, and they were all attainable, which are both things that should be key components of any resolution or goal.  So since we're now 1/4 of the way into 2014, I thought I would give an update.

My first goal was to get off of auto on my camera and learn to use manual mode.  I am still working on this.  I did watch a youtube tutorial on my camera to understand it's features a little more, but truthfully I've forgotten some of it because I didn't practice enough after I watched it.  I promise I will get this one done, I just need to take the time. 

Get back to running, working out and getting back into a shape I am comfortable.  I joined a gym in December, and not because I need a gym to keep me accountable but because it was cold outside.  I've been going to the gym typically 3 days a week, plus I've been running outside and doing Tone It Up youtube videos after my work outs or on days I don't get to the gym.  I don't like to weigh myself because I don't think scales are an accurate reflection of health, so all I can go off of is what I see in the mirror, how I feel, how my clothes fit and my ability to do more in a physical work out than I could three months ago.   I'm planning on posting a comparison shot with some of my outfit photos soon for reflection, but I think it's going well. 

My final resolution was more meal planning and to cook more. I would say we are eating at home 75% more than we were.  It's actually been tricky to find meals that don't take a ton of ingredients or cook time, but that also don't come from a box (i.e.hamburger helper).  Not that I don't like hamburger helper, but it's not really what I want.  I actually find cooking quite relaxing, but I can't spend even 45 minutes cooking a meal with a baby around.  A few things that have been on the menu include pasta, turkey burgers, fish & veggies, chicken & veggies and enchiladas are coming up this week.  I'm also pretty impressed with myself for having leftovers and getting creative with them.  For example, one night we had a pita and hummus pizza and I used the leftover arugula and tomatoes, processed them in the food processer and made myself a pita sandwich the next day.  I also made my new go-to tomato sauce for pasta (from this book)  and had a ton of leftover sauce.  So I mixed it with some ground beef and made italian sloppy joes.  The italian part just popped into my head, but it's ok, I googled it and it's a real thing.

So there you have it. If New Year Resolutions carried mid-term grades, I would give myself an A.  I still have 9 months to get going on my camera, so I think so far so good.

Linking up today with Alissa!


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